Benito’s Hat, Soho

If you like Burritos at all, trying Benito’s Hat is essential. The Burrito itself must be the best I have ever had. It tastes like a classic Burrito, with a sauce that is a cut above the rest, with something in there (maybe spring onion) giving it a different sort of kick. The complimentary chips they give are a little pointless. They don’t taste mind-blowingly good and they don’t provide sauce (if they did, they would be a great side). They also have a bar, which I didn’t make use of but gives the sense of being fancier than Chipotle or Tortilla. Despite the added fanciness it is still as simple and cheap as any other burrito place. Chipotle’s portions being bigger is the only reason I would go anywhere else for a Burrito.


Check out their website!


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