Chipotle, Soho

I’d had a couple of Burrito’s in America from cool little markets that felt really hip to be in, but they didn’t impress me in terms of taste. Chipotle is what finally got me into the things, even though they are the most common chain in the whole of the States. Most food places I yearn for in America (including Wawa and Dairy Queen) aren’t here in England, but Chipotle is.


Based on memory, there are slight differences. They aren’t quite as cheap here, and the peppers always seem a bit burned. The overall flavour is ever-so-slightly different, but it’s cool. They are fantastic burritos, and a perfectly good place to try your first one. They may not feel as fancy as a place like Wahaca or Las Iguanas, but this is really what you need to try. It may not necessarily be authentic to what a Mexican burrito is like (I wouldn’t know) but this is what I think of and crave when I think about them.


Check out their website!



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