Brew Dog, Sheffield


Brew Dog stood out along Devonshire street due to its dark, sleek exterior. The concept of a bar that only serves craft beer intrigued me as I am not a huge fan of beer, however I do enjoy the odd pale ale now and then. I believe it’s always good to try new things, so I was really eager to check it out as soon as I could find someone to go with me.


I visited mid-afternoon on a Monday, missing the lunchtime rush. My friend, who’d been before a few times,  recommended that I try the Punk IPA as ‘it’s the one least like actual beer’ – and it was delicious! Described on the menu as having waves of tropical and citrus fruits, it definitely lived up to that as I could taste the flavours well; a beautiful blend of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee. It was smooth to drink, and the bitter aftertaste balanced out the sweetness of the fruits which stopped it from potentially being sickly.


The pizza was probably the best I’ve had so far in terms of the actual structure of it. A combination of a thin yet solid base with a generous, even spread of toppings meant that each slice was as satisfying as the last – it was good all round. I ordered the Spicy Meaty, which was topped with nduja, spicy pepperoni, chilli flakes, smashed tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella. Although there were so many hot ingredients, the actual heat didn’t overwhelm my taste buds. I was able to enjoy the kick whilst being able to actually enjoy the flavour simultaneously, which I think can be a hard balance to strike. It’s also well worth mentioning that although the pizza menu is short (6 total options) there are two vegetarian options, and one vegan.


The interiors of this branch feel a bit rustic with all the wooden furniture and low, exposed lights; the inspiration from the USA comes through well, but in a way that is more homely than ‘themed’.


The dark furnishings combined with warm lights and hints of colour here and there makes the place feel very open and yet cosy at the same time.


Brew Dog is definitely a place to visit with a friend (or a few) to really make the best of the comfy booths and long tables. The quiet music helps keep a gentle ambience, perfect for enjoying an ice cold beer and a delicious pizza.


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