Pizza Pilgrims, Soho

Walking into Pizza Pilgrims, the first things I noticed were: pizzas were being made in front of us which is always glorious to witness, and it was packed. People were squeezing past each other to get to the small winding stairs which, unsurprisingly, did not lead to a massive open hall.The atmosphere wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t for me. I have no doubt that some people will adore the place – especially with a larger party where you can be the loudest voices in the room. If you are a quiet person or are on a date, it probably isn’t the best choice. It was noisy!

The service was fast to an unholy degree, which impressed and confused me. I ordered the Nduja.


The pizza is extremely, and purposefully, floppy. This makes it hard (but admittedly pretty fun) to eat. I ended up tearing bits off and rolling them like little pizza sandwiches, which might be bad of me. But I imagine everyone will have to invent a preferred way of eating it to stop it drooping into a sauce-funnel directed at your lap. However, the base tastes brilliant, and probably the best I’ve had. The sauce isn’t bad either, and I’d say the one thing Pizza Pilgrims do have tailored to perfectly fit me is the level of spicyness. But more toppings would be good for me. The cheese and meat are both good, but thinly spread, and as good as the sauce is, it cant carry the whole pizza.

Not the Nduja! Not enough cheese!


This was the first stop on my quest to find a pizza that I can love, as I am not a huge pizza fan. It was a good, and I’d like to try another. The environment doesn’t appeal to me, but there are other ways to get your hands on one of their pizzas. They have takeaway and a roaming van. And if you are an extrovert who loves being surrounded by people, get yourself over there.


Check out their website here.


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