Bramley’s Cocktail Bar, Canterbury

We passed by Bramley’s while walking through Canterbury toward a different bar. I was instantly intrigued, and even peeked inside while my companions tried to keep walking to our destination. Through the door was a very long corridor, lined with framed prints that looked pre-1900s.

A couple of hours later, on our way back, I got my wish to hang out inside. We sat at a huge table, so big that I could only barely hear the people on the other side. The chairs were either perfectly vintage or looked like they had been pulled out of a skip depending on your mindset. It was like we had gone back in time, with our table mostly lit by little candles, yet the music was strange and interesting and made me really curse that my phone was out of charge and I couldn’t use Shazam.

Even the bathroom was old-school and looked like it belonged in a Victorian workhouse, with a shared trough for a sink and snaking exposed pipes that got out of looking cheap by fitting in with the vibe.

The cocktails were expensive and not generous. As I am not a cocktail veteran, I don’t know how they compare in price and quality to others, but for me the price of admission was watching the cocktail making performance, as if it was a show itself.

You will probably be thinking this is a mixed perspective, but no, this place totally clicked with me and I give it my resounding praise. It has a strong atmosphere and I felt so comfortable that if I was a Kent resident I would go regularly. 


Check out their website here.


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