Burger Bothers, Brighton

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, the cliche goes. When I went to Brighton recently and Burger Brothers was closed since it was Sunday, I felt huge pangs, but I also realised it is literally impossible for me to feel any fonder of the place. They make my favourite burgers, and probably my favourite tasting thing I’ve ever tried. So I finally dug out my old notes on the place:

Burger Brothers’ burgers look like what other places put up on their signs and never live up to. And they taste even better than they look. I’ve tried several of their burgers, all of which were great, but I usually go with “Our Favourite”.

Instead of the usual lettuce or pickles, the burger is topped with a single, incredibly soft, sweet red pepper. The goats cheese they use makes you question why every burger doesn’t have it. A lot of fancy burger places don’t use much seasoning, perhaps to show off how proud of the meat they are. But Burger Brothers are not afraid to bring what is presumably an ingenious and complex seasoning. There is a tasty but not-overwhelming amount of sauce. You have to option to add different hot sauces, but I recommend going with the default. Do consider that there isn’t much room to sit in the place and it is a little pricey (but totally worth it), which are the only drawbacks to the perfect burger. 

If you are in Brighton and haven’t tried this place, I consider it an obligation to stuff one of their burgers into your mouth.




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