Cherry Glazerr at The Camden Assembly

I went into this gig expecting very little. The band’s latest album, Apocalipstick underwhelmed me on first and second listen. That isn’t enough exposure for me to decide on a concrete opinion, but it was enough for me to be pessimistic. But the reason I really want to write this is to give credit where credit is due, because Cherry Glazerr put on a great show.

Frontwoman, Clem, seemed exhausted for the entire show, noting that they were coming to the end of their tour. Her lethargic tone did not however translate to a lethargic set. When Clem was screaming and the band went wild, it was a lot of fun, and that was most of the time.

The first bit of banter, if I recall right, was calling crowd assholes which fits their vibe but still was probably not the best intro. This was rectified with some more appreciation later. On a side note, I was impressed by the lighting at the venue, the Camden assembly. It gave the small venue a more professional than DIY feeling, but it looked very pretty.

The new material sounded better in the more raw and sloppy context. It raises the question of if the album is too polished, and the production spoils otherwise good songs, though I can’t be sure. I most enjoyed some jammy monotonous bits, although the crowd seemed not-so-into those. Teenage Girl was the song we wanted from their older material and the band gave us what we wanted. However, they did not repeat “a tool, a tool, a tool” as promised in their Nardwuar interview. Their cover of Territorial Pissings was great fun. I really didn’t think they were coming back out for an encore as even the ambient music had started up again.  

A show can be good without the most skilled musicians and songs that I love, and Cherry Glazerr deserve recognition for their great gig.


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