Connor’s Burrito List

In which I rank all the burrito places that I have tried in London, to make sense of my own opinions and rankings and perhaps help a few people out.

Benito’s hat

The Burrito itself must be the best I have ever had. It tasted like a classic Burrito, with a sauce that is a cut above the rest. The complimentary chips they give are a little pointless.


Wrap Chic

More curry in a wrap than it is a burrito, but it tastes damn good.



Chipotle is what finally got me into burritos and they still taste good. They aren’t quite as cheap in the UK, and the peppers always seem a bit burned. They also boast the biggest portions that I have found.


Burrito Gonzalez

After seeing a gig at the Roundhouse, I felt like death and needed a Burrito in me. Consequently, its hard to be objective about this place, as I basically swallowed the whole thing in one go. All I remember was that it tasted good, so I would certainly give this place another go, but can’t review it beyond that.



Seems to be England’s biggest burrito chain. Not quite on Chipotle’s level but perfectly good if it is your only option. The flavours blend into eachother a bit too much and they are smaller than what chipotle offer.


Poncho 8

A fine burrito, but beside feeling a bit more indie, it doesn’t actually do anything that Chipotle doesn’t and is actually more plain.


Mi Casa

Convenient location and easy to order. A place for convenience rather than flavour. The beans certainly tasted a bit weird, or had a strange texture: and something in there was crunchy and inedible.



Toasted tortilla was unusual but really I want to be able to comfortably hold the burrito. A decent taste but didn’t satisfy my urge for a normal burrito. You order in the more traditional resteraunty way too.


Las Iguanas

One of the things I have most contempt for in this world is a burrito that doesn’t want to be a burrito. Not only do I not want to eat with a knife and fork, everything tasted wrong and was actually hard to get down.


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