Little Bird, Brighton

Little Bird has a very inviting atmosphere, from the first glance of their light blue exterior with a variety of sizeable cakes in the window. Once inside, the two waitresses at the tiny counter greeted us right away and were very pleasant while taking orders and serving. I enjoyed the simple wooden decor and seating; you could comfortably sit in a group of four or peacefully enjoy time by yourself.

Photo Mar 05, 12 36 50 PM.jpg

They have an unexpectedly generous selection of food and drinks for such a small place. The mixed berry and banana smoothie was bitter, but the slice chocolate fudge cake made up for the sweetness the smoothie lacked. The cakes are displayed in the front window so I assumed they would be dry, but I risked trying them and was pleasantly surprised. It was soft and delicious, and the frosting was smooth. The latte was given in a cup with no handle creating a challenge, but it was above average in taste and was adorned with the adorable leaf that makes any coffee even better.

Photo Mar 05, 12 36 33 PM.jpg

Little Bird is incredibly charming with its very intimate feel inside and out. For anyone looking for a place with that classic vibe, this snug little spot is the perfect fit.  


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