Pizza East, Shoreditch

Pizza East is impressive before you even get any food because the place is massively spacious. The building totally contrasts with Pizza Pilgrims, which was small and had people packed together to an uncomfortable degree. Pizza East could be described as sprawling. We were given a time limit of an hour and a half, which I have never experienced before. It wasn’t an issue, although it was strange considering its size and the not-busy time of day. Despite being so cavernous, the aesthetic was still handsome. From my seat, I could see a busy street with buses passing and a bridge with a train regularly whizzing over it. The place wasn’t too noisy, despite this, and it added to the cool atmosphere.

I was overwhelmed with the options on the menu, and every choice had ingredients on it that I hadn’t heard of. Lack of simple options could turn some people off, and it certainly intimidated me a little bit. The staff, however, were very attentive and even asked if we had any allergies. The pizza I ordered had delicious pieces of spicy sausage, that were both large and plentiful. The broccoli was quite crispy, and tasted great, although I would have personally liked the pieces to be cut a little smaller. The cheese was also good, but the pizza was (by design) quite dry because it lacked tomato sauce. The other pizza went to similar extremes in the opposite direction, being drenched in fantastic basily tomato sauce. Both pizzas didn’t have too much space between the crust and the sauce, which is a gripe of mine, since it makes a lot of the pizza boring to eat. The crust itself wasn’t anything special, but I also couldn’t fault it.

Overall, I would recommend Pizza East. It isn’t the most charming place because of its fancy location and menu, but it also should be praised for those very reasons.



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