Our Cornish Pasty Shop, Brighton

I frequented this place quite a lot when I lived in Brighton, and usually got the Mexican pasty. I liked that it had some kick and was a bit more interesting than beef and potato, but it didn’t taste specifically like any Mexican dish I know of, and the flavour wasn’t exceptional compared to a funky store-bought pasty. I was always kind of hoping for a burrito in pastry. However it was good enough to keep coming back… but now I get their Thai Vegetable option, and it is a game changer.

The veggie packed pasty tastes exactly like a good Thai green curry inside their always-excellent pastry. Because of their interesting options, I’m not sure I’ve ever even had a normal pasty here, but everyone who does go for one is very satisfied. Being in Brighton, they have the expected heaps of vegetarian and vegan options. There isn’t a huge amount of room to sit inside or out, but it still doesn’t feel claustrophobic, and eating outside in this location has a lot of charm.

It also took quite a while for me to try any drinks there too, since I expected one of the numerous cafes along the Laines would do a better job. However, somehow, this place makes the best mocha I have so-far tasted.It doesn’t taste just like hot chocolate with a shot of espresso dumped in: it actually tastes a bit like a coffee flavoured chocolate (that you find in a box of chocolates) in liquid form. It was also reported to me that their latte is a cut above the rest.


Great and inventive pasties, with unexpectedly amazing coffee. Check this place out, even though it is currently a bit tough to find, since at time-of-writing their sign is missing in action!



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