Bird, Camden

I’ve been to Bird several times, trying different things. My first selection was the Classic Burger, which remains my favourite. Simple, tasty, and importantly, worth the money. I also tried the chicken wings at this point, but in comparison with the burger, they were underwhelming. The next time I visited I went full on with a different burger and waffles. The waffles weren’t exactly to my preference in texture but I really enjoyed the experience of chicken and sweetness together, which most English people would find quite alien. The burgers we had seemed to have the flavour of English mustard, which I personally dislike and clashed with the American vibe. Most recently I tried the Nashville hot burger, which was great. It was absolutely drenched in sauce, which stole the show from the chicken and wasn’t really appropriate for the breakfast I was using it for, but I can’t argue with good flavours. My friends had the Royale and the Bacon Cheese burgers, and both were happy.


I’ve already mentioned the waffles, but on my last visit we also got dessert, and Bird’s Glazed Doughnut was everything I wanted it to be. It wasn’t cheap but it also wasn’t small. The bulk of the doughnut was fairly standard, but the icing seemed to be top-quality. I did not sample the other desserts which included a Reese’s Cheesecake and a Deep Fried Waffle (which sounds scary to me) and both looked cool and satisfied their respective eater.

Photo 02-08-2017, 17 11 49

The place itself is cool to hang out in and is sort of Nandos-tier in presentation and cost. I especially like the way the lighting shines on the exposed-brick walls, and the adorable bird logo. Also the toilets are gender neutral and gigantic.

One could ask, is it a bit middle-class and overly sanitised when we have cheap and cheerful Chicken Shops lining the streets? But Bird doesn’t take away their role in the average English-person’s diet; it offers something specific and necessary which is a more American-style of chicken. Dallas Chicken and Ribs will not be giving you blue cheese on a burger or waffles drenched in maple syrup: if the menu makes your mouth water with West Coast Burgers and the crazy sounding Waffle Burger, then I can report that Bird makes good on that image. 




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