Bands that I have seen

AJJ was a great gig. Tonnes of energy. The band hung out in the bar upstairs and I was very nervous but I got to pat a dude I respect very much on the back so that was cool.

BBNG and Ghost Face Killah was a pretty underwhelming show. Best part was the cover of the Jackson 5. The harshness of live rap vocals may have not meshed well with silky jazz, exactly the opposite of how it works in recordings.

Cherry Glazerr was way more fun than I expected and went pretty hard.

Deerhoof and Dinosaur Jr opened for Flaming Lips. Both performed well, but I didn’t like the abrasive sound of Dinosaur Jr, and I may be remembering wrong but I think it was incredibly brightly lit. Flaming Lips were great, it was my first gig and I have no complaints.

Death Grips were good. Very noisy as you’d expect. Enjoyed the intense crowd.

Mac Demarco is the best showman I’ve ever seen. Loved him climbing the balcony. Got to shake his hand before the show.

I saw Manic Street Preachers at the O2 arena, so its the only stadium show I’ve been to. They seemed to be great professionals and had to play for ages (every single ever?), but I just hated the setting.

Mitski performed as expected but wasn’t crazy good. Didn’t do anything interesting with good songs. Surprisingly did play a lot of older material, but I’m not familiar with it.

Neutral Milk Hotel were fantastic, thought my own mind, and seeing something that had been so religious to me just be some guys was very strange. I’ve seen a  think piece on it, and its right. De-mythologising. Pretty much perfect renditions of the songs though.

Tenacious D were not as fun as I thought they would be. They came out of a giant penis, vagina monster thing and that’s the only thing I liked.

Ty Segall I didn’t enjoy. The sound seemed poor to me, they stuck to predicable songs. I love a good cover, and their noodling a bit of Black Sabbath annoyed me because I wanted them to do the actual song.

Jeff Rosenstock: the best gig I’ve ever been to. Such passion.

At Reading Festival I saw Band of Skulls, Eagles of Death Metal, Kaiser Chiefs and Bullet for my Valentine, but I didn’t care about any of them, although the latter two put on a surprisingly fun show. I had wanted to see Black Keys, but by that time I was so exhausted from being crowd surfed that I could not enjoy it. Foo Fighters seemed very good, but I realised here I didn’t like the huge setting of a festival to see a band. I left and hung out at the back of Justice and zoned out, which was fun.

The Smith Street band. Alcohol sometimes helps me enjoy a show, but I got way too drunk here to enjoy it.

Whitney were nice. Two good covers. Singer’s voice sometimes seems grating in live videos, but he did a good job.